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West Seattle Engagement Session | Seattle Wedding Photographers

Sarah and Nathan’s West Seattle engagement session was the very first stop on our fall trip to Seattle. And by very first stop, we quite literally mean we got off the airplane, grabbed our bags and a rental car, and met them at one of their favorite coffee shops in West Seattle. The weather was crazy on our drive over, and we were cursing Seattle for it. We drove through drizzle, small hail, full sun, and a downpour in the 30 minutes it took us to get from the airport to our meeting place. Miraculously, after saying hi and sitting down for a cup of Americano, the crazy weather let up, and we had the perfect sky for the rest of their session. One of the things we loved about our trip to Seattle was the fact we were able to explore a completely new part of the area with each couple we photographed. Sarah and Nathan brought us to Camp Long first, where we walked around the wooded trails with them and talked about jobs, their love of traveling, and wedding venues. We made it to a pier near Alki Beach just in time for sunset in front of the Seattle skyline. Earlier in the week, as we made back up plans in case it rained, Sarah had sent us a message with a photo of Pioneer Square at night, illuminated by lights in the trees, and we knew we had to shoot there. It was supposed to be the back up plan, but it was too good to pass up. I think the lights reflecting off the wet brick in the square is as romantic as it gets. Since Sarah and Nathan had both planned for rain at Pioneer square with their rain jackets and umbrella, and we both like shooting in the rain so much, I went off looking for some paper cups to fill with water for some DIY rain. The only place near us that looked remotely open was an uber fancy restaurant, and when I went inside to ask the chef if he had to-go cups he looked at me like I was out of my mind (but in a nice way). We put that idea behind us until we were about to pack up and he walked up to us with two paper cups – he had actually walked down the street to another restaurant for us. THANK YOU MR. NICE RESTAURANT MAN! The “rain” image is dedicated to YOU!



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