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2015 Adventure Tour | Kansas and Seattle Wedding Photographers

2015 Adventure Tour Seattle Wedding Photographers

Seattle Wedding Photographers 2015 Adventure Tour

HUGE thank you to everyone who made this year the best year yet! Even with the stress of moving ourselves AND our business halfway across the country. We traveled more, photographed more, and had more adventures than any year prior. Check out our favorite images from 2015 HERE, and our fan favorite images from 2015 HERE. You can also check out the 2016 Adventure Tour, and soon, the 2017 Adventure Tour, to see where we’ll be headed next!

-Salt & Pine

Want to know where we’ll be next year, and when we’ll be there? With our transition from Kansas to Seattle Wedding Photographers in August 2015, we thought it might be helpful to keep an updated list of our planned trips and weddings, or, as we like to call it; The 2015 Adventure Tour! If you’d like to book a couples session with us while we’re in your area next year, we’d love the opportunity to tell your love story. We have plenty more 2015 dates open, and we’d love to add more states to this list! Having a wedding in the Northeast? Northwest? Midwest? South? West? Mountains? Alaska? The Bahamas? Europe? Australia? We’d love to have an adventure with you!


2015 Wedding Tour Seattle Wedding Photographers

January 3rd | Emporia, Kansas

January 13th-21st | Seattle, Washington

February 21st | Wichita, Kansas

February 26th-March 12th | Denver, Colorado; Las Vegas, Nevada; Page, Arizona; Moab, Utah

March 14th | Manhattan, Kansas

March 21st | Kansas City, Missouri

March 28th | Manhattan, Kansas

April 14th-21st | Issaquah, Washington

April 25th | Kansas City, Missouri

May 1st | Kansas City, Missouri

May 8th | Leavenworth, Kansas

May 9th | Junction City, Kansas

May 16th | Wichita, Kansas

May 20th-24th | Bath, Maine

May 30th | Lee’s Summit, Missouri

June 6th | Olsburg, Kansas

June 13th | Manhattan, Kansas

June 18th- 21st | Portland, Oregon

July 4th | Seneca, Kansas


July 11th | Mount Vernon, Washington

July 17th | Union, Washington

July 18th | Seattle, Washington

July 22nd-25th | Kansas City, Missouri

July 29th-August 3rd | Presque Isle, Maine

August 7th-16th | Kansas City, Missouri

August 29th | Sedro Woolley, Washington

August 30th | Issaquah, Washington

September 5th | Bothell, Washington

September 6th | Woodinville, Washington

September 12th | Bow, Washington

September 18th-20th | Wamego, Kansas

September 25th | Puyallup, Washington

September 26th | Seattle, Washington

October 2nd-4th | Manhattan, Kansas

October 10th | Seattle, Washington

October 17th | Bonney Lake, Washington

October 21st-26th | Beaver Lake, Arkansas

November 12th-17th | Big Canoe, Georgia

November 21st | Gearhart, Oregon

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