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Rock the Dress Day After Session | Seattle Wedding Photographers

You might recognize Amanda and Jimmy from their rustic wedding at the Weston Red Barn Farm last summer. This fall, we met up with the pair again for a Rock the Dress session. Rock the dress (or trash the dress, or bridal session) sessions after the wedding day are a blast to be a part of! Just think, what photos would you love to take in your wedding dress without the constraints of your timeline or the worry of getting your dress dirty? Jimmy suited up again and Amanda slipped her dress on, along with a more casual hairstyle and a cute purple flannel, and we walked around some nature trails just outside of Kansas City. We threw leaves, sat on waterfalls, and laid on the ground (and by we, I mean Amanda and Jimmy. Joe and I are usually the ones in precarious situations. Maybe that’s why we like rock the dress sessions so much?) We had so much fun creating some less traditional photos for these two in their wedding attire!


-Salt & Pine


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