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I told myself before I even started putting the images together for this sneak peek blog post of Jessica and Jeff’s Renyers Pumpkin Farm wedding, “It’s just a sneak peek Darryl Ann, no need to go overboard. Have some self control.” I knew it was going to be hard to only pick a few images from their day to sneak to you, because we got to know Jessica and Jeff so well in the months before their wedding. This sneak peek isn’t just for Jessica and Jeff, our wedding clients. This sneak peek is for Jessica and Jeff, our friends, who we were SO happy to be able to be with on their big day.


Just a couple things about Jessica and Jeff’s day that stand out:

#1 Renyers Pumpkin Farm/Renyers Coach House is probably one of the most outstanding hidden gems in Northeast Kansas.
#2 We are debating a photo-montage blog of Jeff’s wedding day faces. There were many of them, and they are also gems.

#3 Jessica should be a wedding planner. She would deny this, however she planned one of the most gorgeous, well themed weddings we’ve been to all year, that was a perfect reflection of her and Jeff’s personalities.

#4 At the end of this blog post we have a little surprise that may or may not be Jeff’s surprise live debut singing Forever and Ever, Amen to Jessica at their reception. And it may or may not be one of the best things ever.




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[su_vimeo url=”https://vimeo.com/105493360″ width=”1200″ height=”700″]


Jessica and Jeff, we love you guys! Hope the honeymoon was great, and you didn’t miss Pico and Paxton too much!