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Every time Joe and I are driving back from a wedding, we reflect back on the day. We talk about what ran smoothly, and what didn’t. Every single wedding we seem to learn something new, or at least tweak something for next time. Some of that knowledge is for us, as we continue to learn and evolve into better photographers every Saturday. But, even more of that knowledge would be much more valuable to future brides and grooms! So, that is how the idea for the Wedding Planning Wednesday blog series came to be. Each Wednesday, we’ll blog about a wedding planning topic. Here’s the catch; it’s from a photographer’s point of view. We’ll feature advice, expertise, insight, tips, tricks, dos, don’ts, checklists, and inspiration; all with a photographer’s background and eye. We’ll cover topics as broad as creating a wedding day timeline, to orchestrating the perfect exit. And while we’ll never (ever) claim to be the end-all be-all of wedding planning gurus, we won’t be shy in sharing what we’ve seen work and not work – photos included!


So, be sure to check in every Wednesday for a new Wedding Planning Wednesday blog post! And, if you have tips or tricks you’d like to share, or a specific topic you are dying to see covered, e-mail me at and I’ll see what we can do!




Wedding Planning Wednesday

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