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We had quite an exciting weekend on social media! Last week, we received an e-mail from an editor at The Huffington Post, asking if they could use an image or two from Jessica and Jeff’s rainy engagement session for a feature. We, of course, excitedly agreed, then thought nothing of it for the next few days. On Friday, a full feature on HuffPost Weddings was dedicated to Jessica and Jeff, and their Kansas engagement session in a thunderstorm! We were so thrilled! On Saturday morning, we woke up to another e-mail from the weekend editor at Cosmopolitan with a request as well – and BAM, I think Jessica and Jeff are halfway to viral! Thank you, Jessica and Jeff, for trusting us when we dragged you out of the car in the middle of a thunderstorm “for just a second.” I know we’ve said it a thousand times, but those photos would never have existed without you. Not very many couples trust their photographers enough to go along with requests like those! As well, thank you ALL for your support! The likes, comments and shares we’ve received over the past weekend have been amazing!


Seattle Wedding Photographers Salt and Pine Featured in The Huffington Post




In celebration of Jessica and Jeff, here are a few more times the weather was less than perfect, but our couples made the best of it!


9 Seattle Wedding Photographers Rainy Engagement Session 8 Seattle Wedding Photographers Rainy Engagement Session

The conclusion I’ve drawn from this blog post is that when it rains, our favorite poses include kissing… So here’s a little shake-up!



We’re moving to Seattle and becoming Seattle Wedding Photographers next year! Planning a Seattle wedding in 2015? We’d love to go on an adventure with you! Contact us if you’d like us to tell your love story (rain or shine!)