Tips for Engagement Photos with Dogs Seattle Wedding Photographer

Engagement Photos with Dogs | Happy National Dog Day!

Happy National Dog Day! This is one of our favorite random and unofficial holidays, so to celebrate we figured we’d put together a few of our favorite engagement photos with dogs. As you can probably tell, we’re huge dog lovers, and whenever a couple asks to bring their furry companions along for engagement photos, we’re all for it. We love getting to know our couple’s dogs, and we have a ton of fun capturing their personalities on camera as well! If you’re thinking of including your dog in your engagement or wedding photos, here are a couple things to consider:

1. Location, Location, Location. Choose a quiet location with few distractions. That way, we don’t have to fight for your pup’s attention. It might seem backwards, but a dog park might be the worst location for engagement photos with your pup!

2. Pack Toys & Treats. We’ll want to get your dog’s attention, and maybe even get him or her to run at the camera! (A squeaky toy works the best!) Plus, treats are yummy, and there’s no faster way to a pup’s heart.

3. Dress to Impress. Dress your pup up in his or her best collar, harness, or leash! Bonus points if your pup coordinates with your outfits. But at the very least, choose a matching set.

4. Have a Third Set of Hands. Often times you won’t want your pup in every photo. Bring a friend or family member to take over dog duty (and dog doo-ty) after we’ve got our shots.

5. Let your Dog be a Dog. Like kids, dogs don’t always do what we want them to! Be prepared to walk, run, and play with your dog during the session. If you have plans for photos where your dog must be extra calm, make sure they get tuckered out before the session.

And now for the main event:

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