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Camping Trip Couples Session | Seattle Wedding Photographers

As photographers, at any given time of the year, we might have 5-10 (or even more) crazy ideas for photographs dancing around in our heads. A lot of them never come to fruitition, or wait a long time for the perfect couple to come around and help us execute them. Others, like our camping inspired couples session, are just itching to be photographed as soon as possible. Our inspiration for the shoot was to bring in the authentic feel of a late summer camp. We are so glad we asked our friend, and fellow photographer, Kayla and her boyfriend Stephen to be our models. And, not to forget her adorable King Charles Spaniel puppy, Darla! Kayla and Stephen happily dawned the rustic, outdoorsy look for us, and we brought all our camping gear up to Seneca, Kansas for this session. As soon as Kayla showed us a beautiful spot underneath and old oak tree, we knew that is where we needed to pitch our tent for the evening. (You’ll see why at the end of the blog post!) The spot even came complete with a wooden log that was the perfect seat. I don’t think we could have planned the location better if we tried. We had a blast hanging out and catching up with these two, and sunset at the campsite was gorgeous. We roasted marshmallows on the campfire (and snapped a few more photos) until the stars came out, then played with a few shadows on the canvas tent. We’re so glad we can finally share this shoot with you all!


-Salt & Pine


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