Wheat Inspired Kansas Backyard Wedding | Seattle Wedding Photographers

Katie and Ben’s backyard wedding was unlike any other wedding we’ve ever been to. The amount of personality and meaning they crammed into every ounce of their wedding made it a truly memorable experience to be a part of. Katie and Ben met in the Kansas State University marching band, which they both participated in for all four years of college. Ben even proposed to Katie last year during their trip to the Fiesta Bowl. From this shared experience, they drew inspiration for their wedding colors (K-state purple!) and centerpiece decor (sheet music!). Another huge inspiration came from the fact that Katie and Ben’s families both happen to be wheat farmers. It was from this shared experience they drew inspiration for a special wheat ceremony, where, instead of lighting a unity candle, they poured wheat from each of their family’s fields into one jar, signifying their coming together on their wedding day. It was definitely the coolest idea we’d ever seen for a Kansas wedding! We can also rave about their emotional first look, fantastic group of bridesmaids and groomsmen, and one of our favorite sparkler photos of the year! We are so glad we were able to celebrate Ben and Katie’s wedding day with them!




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